You've got this! Well, most days, anyway. But there's something that's giving you some trouble. Let me know & we'll work it through together!

  • Evidence-based information specific to the concerns you've raised
    • I will provide you with summaries of the best evidence-based information tailored to your particular concerns. And I'll make them short & easy-to-read (because who has time for all that reading?!)
  • Phone & email support
    • "You said it's easy to read, but I still have questions!!" No problem! Send them right along & we'll talk it through, apply it to your family, or process any anxiety. I got you!
  • Supported decision making
    • Sometimes having all the information makes the decision really clear. Sometimes it doesn't. That's ok! Let me help you navigate the process & make you feel confident (get it?! ::wink wink::) in your choice.

- COMING SOON!!! - be.encouraged.

Parenting is - and I cannot stress this enough - super hard. So, maybe, the single-issue support of the be.confident. package isn't going to cut it for you. You need more. You need a place where you can log in & have it all at your fingertips. You still came to the right place - I've got you covered!

  • Evidence-based information on all things parenting
    • And I do mean all things. Access to my library evidence-based information on anything that may be keeping you up at night. Well, not anything, because even with all that information powering you, you're still a parent.
    • Each topic is summarized clearly & concisely with a breakdown of pros/cons for any decision you have to make. How easy is that?!
    • You have questions about a topic I hadn't even thought of yet? Send me a message & I'll get you what you need, you little unicorn, you.
  • The be.loved. village
    • Listen. I know that library is pretty great. But you know what's just as great but infinitely more beautiful? A community of like-minded parents. Even better? They're available to you 24/7
    • Access to discussions on all the topics in the library & more!
    • Ask advice, poll other parents on their choices, & be a member of a community where you can be encouraged (ba dum bum) to be the best parent you can be.


Did I mention that being a parent is hard? Well, it is. But you know what makes it easier? Having all you need to be secure (I'm here all week, folks) in all your parenting choices. If that sounds like heaven to you, you're right where you need to be.

  • Dat library, tho.
    • You know that one that you have access to in the be.encouraged. package? Yup! You get it here, too.
  • Be a villager.
    • Did you like the sound of that village of future best buddies? Oh yeah, that's here, too.
  • Chat with me!
    • That's right, phone & email support are back in the mix around any questions you have.
    • What's that? You need more support? Don't you fret! I have referrals & recommendations at the ready for anything that isn't within my scope.
  • V.I.P. Status. That's Very Important Parent.
    • Get first access to all Amanda's webinars & online classes. Oh, and a discount, too.