Expectant Parent Support

You're pregnant! And suddenly a million questions, concerns, and hopes are running through your head. I am here to help with any non-medical needs:

  • Informational & practical support
    • From apps to articles, resources to recommendations, whatever addresses your current question or concern around sleep, discomfort, nutrition, or anything else.
  • Emotional guidance & support
    • Pregnancy comes with its own set of emotional and mental challenges (oh, goodness, the hormones!). I will lend an ear (or two!) and provide any recommendations you may need.
  • Parent planning
    • There's no time like the present! Are you seeing buzzwords around parenting philosophy and choices that have you completely overwhelmed? Never fear! I can give you the research breakdown for each choice, letting you make an informed choice that is best for you and your family.

Parenting Support

The joys and challenges of parenthood don't end after the postpartum period. I can help you find resources in your community and offer guidance and advice. This may include support around:

  • Parent well-being
    • Are you stressed or tired? I can help you to find resources in your area from support groups to massage therapists. It's important to take care of yourself, too!
    • Having a child is an adjustment for your relationship. I can provide guidance and resources to support healthy new routines and communication.
  • Child well-being
    • Helping you to support your all aspects of your child's development in a positive, healthy way
    • Advice and guidance for managing behavior challenges for children who are typically developing or developing with delays or disabilities
    • Support, referrals, and resources for any developmental concerns
  • Anything else you need? Ask me!
    • Including referrals to appropriate professionals and services when needed.