Pregnancy Support

You're pregnant! And suddenly a million questions, concerns, and hopes are running through your head. I am here to help with any non-medical needs:

  • Informational & practical support
    • From apps to articles, resources to recommendations, whatever addresses your current question or concern around sleep, discomfort, nutrition, or anything else.
  • Emotional guidance & support
    • Pregnancy comes with its own set of emotional and mental challenges (oh, goodness, the hormones!). I will lend an ear (or two!) and provide any recommendations you may need.
  • Assistance with setting up your nursery & baby registry
    • What?! They make wipe warmers? And baby dress shoes? I'll help you to narrow in on what you need to be prepared for your baby's arrival. And support you in the things you want!

Birth Support

Whether you've chosen a natural or a medicated birth, a home birth or a hospital birth, you deserve objective, judgment-free support. I will provide personalized support during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period*. This includes evidence-based:

  • Informational support
    • There is a lot of information floating around out there (especially on the internet, am I right?). When needed, I will provide succinct, relevant information to ensure you are able to make informed decisions when planning for and during your labor and birth experience.
  • Emotional support
    • Labor and birth can be challenging emotionally. Whether you need a hand to hold or someone to scream with, I will be a consistent presence to provide you with encouragement and reassurance as you bring your baby into this world.
  • Physical support
    • As you are working hard to meet your beautiful baby, I will help you to breathe and relax as well as support you through movement and position changes in order to enhance your comfort.
*I am a DONA-trained birth doula currently pursuing full certification.

Postpartum Support

Your baby is finally in your arms and your family has grown! During the postpartum period, everything is new and changing day-by-day. I will provide informational, emotional, and practical support to you so that your body can heal and you can learn about and bond with your new, beautiful bundle*. This may include:

  • Help with all aspects of feeding
    • Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, assistance with any concerns.
  • Baby care
    • New babies need a lot of care! I can provide assistance with soothing, bathing, diapering, babywearing, and any other needs your baby may have.
  • Reading your baby's cues
    • Is he hungry? Tired? Help with how to decipher the ways that your baby is communicating with you.
  • Mom's emotional care
    • The postpartum period is an emotional adjustment. I will provide emotional and informational support around any feeling fluctuations you may be having.
  • Family adjustment
    • The postpartum period is not just an adjustment for mom, but for the rest of the family too! I can provide assistance to help your partner, other children, and pets to settle into the new normal.
  • Anything else your family may need!
    • Including referrals to appropriate professionals and services when needed.
*I am a DONA-trained postpartum doula currently pursuing full certification.

Parenting Support

The joys and challenges of parenthood don't end after the postpartum period. I can help you find resources in your community and offer guidance and advice. This may include support around:

  • Parent well-being
    • Are you stressed or tired? I can help you to find resources in your area from support groups to massage therapists. It's important to take care of yourself, too!
    • Having a child is an adjustment for your relationship. I can provide guidance and resources to support healthy new routines and communication.
  • Child well-being
    • Helping you to support your all aspects of your child's development in a positive, healthy way
    • Advice and guidance for managing behavior challenges for children who are typically developing or developing with delays or disabilities
    • Support, referrals, and resources for any developmental concerns
  • Anything else you need? Ask me!