I'm teetering on the edge of a new beginning. This business is about to be born after a lot of planning, blood, sweat, and tears (labor? too heavy handed with the metaphor?). I find myself tingling with a multitude of emotions.

Hope for everything that I imagine this endeavor to be.

Anxiety around making this new venture exactly as I envision it.

Gratitude for every ounce of support and guidance I've received.

Fear that I'm not ready.

Excitement for the people and experiences I am about to encounter.

And, mostly, I feel exceptionally lucky that I have the opportunity to engage in my passion and be a part of families' triumphs and joys.

I remember that with every new beginning, we are filled with these emotions, and I gently remind myself to stay present. As I stand on the precipice of change, that is my advice to you, parents: be.present. Because all of those emotions around the future can be paralyzing, especially when those emotions are focused on your babies. The anticipation of parenthood and its progression is a lot to process, but it goes hand-in-hand with inexplicable joy. Regardless of any challenges your children may have or that you may have as a parent, please remember that your children will delight and amaze you every single day

So, that is my hope for you (and for me!) as we move forward: that apart from all those other emotions, we can revel in the delight and amazement that our new adventures bring us. 

Stay tuned!