So, first, I'm going to go ahead and acknowledge the elephant in the room. I haven't written a blog post since my first one in November. Eek! I'm going to try to do better!

More importantly, yesterday marked the beginning of my Magical Mama Mondays! These days I will highlight mamas I know and mamas in the spotlight that I think are utter magic. These days will serve as a reminder to all the mamas out there to take in their magical moments, because they have a million!

Every mama is magical. Extraordinary. Miraculous. Enchanting. It's there in the big moments: juggling work and household and mommy duties, prepping for the first day of school, watching baby's first steps, hearing baby's first words. And if you've ever been lucky enough to witness a mama giving birth, you KNOW that's some undisputed magic. But maybe more so, it's there in the small moments: late night feedings, stroking a feverish forehead, weekend morning cuddles, kissing a scrape, remembering to pack a favorite blanket. The moments that may not stop you in your tracks, moments that escape notice, but moments that shape childhood and motherhood every single day

I can't promise that I'll post one every week, but I can promise to try! So to every mama and mama-to-be, delight in your magic every day. And to all those who love these mamas, help them find it.